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Methods that train and fine-tune AIGC (AI-Generated Content) models in a faster and cheaper manner have become extremely sought after for the commercialization and application of AIGC. Using previous experience regarding large model acceleration, AI was able to release a complete open-source Stable Diffusion pretraining and fine-tuning solution. This solution reduces the pretraining cost by 6.5 times, and the hardware cost of fine-tuning by 7 times, while simultaneously speeding up the processes! The fine-tuning task flow can also be conveniently completed on an RTX 2070/3050 PC, allowing AIGC models such as Stable Diffusion to be available to those without access to extremely complicated machines.

AIGC is in high industry demand and has been labeled as one of the most prospective paths for the future of AI. The AI industry is expected to experience a technological revolution driven by the application of AIGC in text, audio, images/videos, games, the metaverse, and many other technological scenarios. The successful commercialization of AIGC in those fields represents the potential of a trillion-dollar market,and has made related startups extremely appealing to investors

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