About Us


HOCIT  is a leading System Integrator and ICT Solution provider, located in Osaka Japan. We provide complete ICT solutions, from product supply and applications over turnkey projects to service contracts and outsourcing schemes in both the private and the public sectors.
At HOCIntelligentTechnology  Company Limited, or HOCIT, we aim to be “Your lifelong trusted Partner”'; Our goal is to be your preferred partner with the knowledge and experience to help you, our client to achieve your desired business outcomes and to improve business performance through the implementation of clever technology solutions. Through the rapid provision of consultancy, solutions, and end-to-end ICT services that are so much needed in today's business environment, HOCIT can help to transform your business and make you more efficient and productive.
HOCIT is the country’s first science and technology park, established with the mission to promote innovation through the use of science and technology and to strengthen R&D activities in the private sector along with promote R&D linka

HOCIT Competency
Being the leader in designing, developing, and installing the national information technology network system and being the Company registered in the Stock Exchange of US with the registration capital of over 1,000 million  $ enables the Company to have stability and competency in managing the national big projects. Throughout the past 20 years, we installed and delivered all projects with quality and service provision in international standards until being acceptable among the customers in all sectors; public agencies, state enterprise, network providers, group of banks, private companies, overseas companies, and many other organizations. As the distributor of world-class network products in the brand of Cisco, we are recognized among the producers as the first representative in the total sale and service provision by the personnel with the highest level of certificates or CCIE throughout the past year consecutively.